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Tofu Recipes

If it ain't tofu, it ain't worth it!

Nothing But Tofu!
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Welcome to tofurecipes!

About This Community

This community is a place to share all of your favorite recipes containing that most wonderous food — tofu! Any and every recipe containing tofu is welcome here. You can also ask for tips on cooking and baking with tofu, buying the best type of tofu, draining and pressing tofu, and anything else!

However, before you ask "Hey, what's a good tofu recipe?", please consult the archives. If it's posted in this community, it is a good tofu recipe.

This community is the sister community of souprecipes. Like souprecipes, recipes containing animal products are welcome here, though veg*n recipes are far more encouraged. Please don't shy away from posting recipes that aren't animal-free, however! For those that don't like reading them, just scroll past those recipes, or post (friendly!) comments suggesting how to alter them to make them veg*n.

For completely vegan recipes, you can also visit vegancooking.


This is a very relaxed community. All I ask is that you:

1) Stay on-topic — if it's not about tofu, it doesn't belong here!
2) Don't post promotions for other communities — try community_promo for that.
3) Don't flame (though, really, why would you?).
4) Absolutely no marquees or wildly blinking images.
5) Any large images must be behind LJ-CUTs.

That's it! Just some common sense rules; nothing major at all.

Maintainer Info

This community is maintained by beginning. If you need to reach her about something, please use her USERNAMEHERE@LiveJournal.com e-mail address.


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